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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Shareholder or Partnership Disputes :

Our Firm has extensive experience representing Saudi and international clients in both majority and minority shareholder capacities on a variety of disputes. We take great care to ensure the operations remain unaffected and strive to resolve the matter amicably. However, if so needed, our considerable experience before the courts is deployed to the benefit of our client.

Commercial Disputes including Breach of Contract :

Our Firm can demonstrate in-depth understanding of commercial disputes and has a successful track record of representing clients, both Saudi and international clients in relation to their commercial disputes in Saudi Arabia.

Terminations of Joint Ventures and other business associations :

Our Firm has experience of handling a wide range of disputes relating to business relationships and associations, including termination of such business relationships.

Competition and Anti-Trust :

Our Firm specializes in advising businesses which are the subject of investigations or possible actions by the Competition Council. Our practice can also advise businesses on preventive measures such that they avoid breaching the regulations in this regard.

Real Estate Disputes :

Our Firm represents real estate developers and owners on a wide variety of real estate disputes including commercial lease disputes, disputes arising because of seller’s commissions as well as ownership issues.

Product Liability :

Our Firm has experience handling product liability claims and can assist our clients in avoiding disputes as well as protecting assets when disputes arise.

Arbitration :

Our Firm has experience handling cases that have been referred to the Arbitration Panel. We handle the matters where the panel is based in Saudi Arabia and work alongside international law firms where the panel is based outside Saudi Arabia.

Mediation :

Our Firm has an excellent track record of mediating on complex disputes involving a wide range of issues. We use our considerable transactional practice experience to bear in proposing practical solutions and workable agreements that protect the interests of our clients.