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Practice Areas

Strategic Advice and Structuring:

Our Firm has accumulated a wealth of experience including dealing with government entities and regulatory bodies as well as in acting on a number of the most complex and landmark deals in the field of Corporate, Commercial, Banking as well as Litigation. This wealth of unparalleled expertise is deployed to the benefit of our clients.
We understand that on occasion there are complex issues and matters involving our clients􀎵 business(es) and interests that also involve the government or regulatory bodies. Our Firm can assist those clients by providing strategic advice and in helping the clients structure, prepare and present their position before the government and regulatory bodies.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution:

Our Firm specializes in handling complex litigation involving business clients in disputes with other businesses, government and quasi-government entities, or individuals. We represent clients before courts and judicial committees, as well as representing clients in arbitrations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. we have an excellent track record of successful representation of clients in banking, corporate, commercial and civil matters.

Although our offices are based in Riyadh, we have handled and continue to handle a significant number of cases in courts and other forums both in Dammam as well as in Jeddah.
Our past and current mandates from leading local and international corporate and financial institutions is testimony to our reputation for providing value adding advice, strategic direction and careful handling in a rather unique legal environment.

our team can demonstrate unrivalled understanding of the complexities involved in maintaining the business so that it remains unaffected by the actions of the counterparties to our clients. We understand the business environment and are acutely aware of the impact litigation can have on the day to day management and operations of the companies.

Our team strives to minimize any such disruption by focusing on preventative management of the litigation alongside preparations for the actions in court. While we focus on resolving disputes before they go to court, we bring exceptional skill and unparalleled experience should the dispute go to court. We also ensure that settlements are structured in a manner such that it preserves the position of our clients both in the short-term and the future.